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Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur have installed New Endoscopy System EVIS EXERA III CV190 with GIF HQ190, CF-HQ190 L and TJF150E (Olympus Make, Manufactured in Japan) for better clinical outcome. Better, Early and Pain Free Diagnose Key features of EVIS EXERA III CV 190 Olympus endoscopic system are: - • Loaded with Advance technologies for better and early diagnose, the new Endoscopy system raises the bar for routine Endoscopy. • Brighter, More Powerful Imaging – Narrow band imaging (NBI) now delivers significantly increased brightness providing twice the viewable distance compared to earlier scope models. It increases the sharpness and clarity of still images captures and improved signal processing significantly reduced levels of halation and noise.

 • Optimal Depth of field at the touch of the button – It allows the User to select between two focus setting to achieve the desired depth of field for optimal observation. With dual focus, Olympus is helping to revolutionise routine endoscopy. • Minimizes the Efforts and time for the Procedure – A new waterproof connector design minimizes the efforts and time required for set up prior to and in between cases. An integrated Water Jet channel not only allow operator to identify the bleeding source during haemostasis but is also helpful during complex therapeutic procedures, by ensuring always a clear view of the endoscopic site.

 • Minimize the pain and discomfort of the patient – The setup, technology and fast performance of the system minimizes the discomfort and Pain in patients. Unique Responsive insertion technology to facilitate complete colonoscopies by improving scope handling, ese of insertion and ergonomics.
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