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GERD OVERVIEW The Gastroesophageal reflux is commonly known as Acid reflux. It is a chronic digestive disorder wherein the stomach acids or contents flow back into the esophagus. The disease is characterized by a burning sensation in the chest region, chest pain, difficulty in swallowing, dry cough and lumpy sensation in the throat. The disease is easily mistaken with heartburn due to the similarity of symptoms. In most cases, people can overcome the effects of acid reflux in the natural course. However, in certain cases medical attention and treatment is necessary. People who are more likely to develop the disease include those with obesity issues, smoking habit, diabetes and constipation. Chronic occurrence of the disease in due course could lead to a narrowing of the esophagus or result in sores of the esophagus. In some extreme cases acid reflux could culminate in esophageal cancer, the occurrence of which is considerably low. SYMPTOMS The common symptoms of Acid Reflux can be enumerated as the following • Burning sensation in the chest area • Problems in swallowing • Dry cough • Lumpiness in the throat • Regurgitation of food CAUSES & RISK FACTORS Lifestyle factors play a critical role in the incidence of acid reflux. Factors such as obesity, excessive weight gain and smoking greatly increase the risk while pre-existing health conditions frequent constipation, diabetes, asthma and others also add to the risk. Complication Bleeding Stricture Respiratory symptoms not responding to treatment Barrets esophagus Cancer Diagnosis UGI Endoscopy (Painless) PH monitoring Manometry
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